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Beavertown cracker Competiton

As you know here at Hairy boy we appreciate a beverage or two and as a huge fan of quality brewing, I was excited to learn about the Beavertown larger than life 2-metre long Christmas cracker competition. Cor!

Whilst I really want to win one myself there are several available so I am hoping that if one of my readers wins they will share it with me. *Joking, and yet maybe also not joking*

With 5 unique crackers up for grabs, to be in with a chance to win, you will need to tag a friend or loved one (me) online on Beavertown’s social channels for the chance to crack open a treat and make a socially distanced Christmas really special. Containing with mouthwatering beers, Beavertown confetti, hats and jokes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving as Beavertown knows you can never have too much of a good thing.

Entries close on Wednesday 2nd December so get in there quick! 
The 5 winners will be chosen at random so everyone has a chance.

• Where to enter 

Instagram/Twitter: @Beavertownbeer

Facebook: /Beavertownbrewery

If you can’t wait for your delicious beer, then you can also check out their Webshop: https://shop.beavertownbrewery.co.uk/as Beavertown Craft Beer Bundles are now also available online to purchase. 

All bundles come complete Beavertown core beers and custom glassware, and they even offer some great stocking fillers as well - Get in! 

Best of luck!

Hairy Boy

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Why you should check your drawers this Black Friday

Why you should check your drawers this Black Friday

As a tech-head I am the first to admit that I don’t just have the ‘Tech drawer - you know the one full of old devices, charger and batteries, I have a tech welsh dressers worth. 

This didn’t use to be such an issue but since the lockdown and home working has become commonplace after the lockdown this has meant me and the wife have decided that we need to do a huge declutter. I was obviously given the task of decluttering my various drawers, and I won’t lie, it took longer than expected as I had a lot of tech devices hidden away. 

There was one light at the end of the tunnel though, I discovered that I wasn’t alone in being asked to check my drawers, as mobile network giffgaff was also doing the same thing!

The campaign is asking people to ‘check their drawers’ for old, unwanted mobile phones which can be recycled and given a second life rather than end up in a landfill. As I’ve slowly begun to be more environmentally conscious (and the fact that I had, in fact, found 5 forgotten old phones from various family members in various drawers!) I decided to learn a bit more about it and to give it a go.

How it works

You can recycle your phone via giffgaff and they pay you for the privilege! When you sell your old phones you can choose whether to make a donation of 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100%. This money if you choose to donate, will then go to the Neighbourly Foundation to fund grassroots causes that support local communities. Sustainable and charitable? I don’t mind if do.

So what happens to the phones? Well for those that are beyond repair, they will get recycled and their parts reused elsewhere, thus avoiding ending up an e-waste pile. Those that are still in tip-top condition can be refurbished. If you're curious to find out more about refurbished phones they have an amazing animated info page over here ‘What is a refurbished phone?’

They also have a great selection of Sim only deals which, if you will be happy to know, are even printed on recycled materials along with all of their packaging - go giffgaff! And there you go, I did my bit in helping declutter the house, got rid of unwanted stuff and got paid for it as well as being kinder to the planet. I was also able to reinvest the money in getting something I've really wanted for Black Friday. Talk about chuffed.

So what about you? Have you ever recycled a phone or brought a refurbished device? If so let me know below or over on my social channels

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Games That Will Scare You | F.E.A.R

This is part 1 of a 3 part series covering games that will scare the life out of you. Hate it or love it, the horror genre is highly popular and whether you are a fan of the Paranormal Activity series or a classic slasher fan, they all share one thing in common - they aim to scare the bloody hell out of you!

Horror in games, namely the survival-horror subgenre, was paved out by the Resident Evil series (Biohazard in Japan), where guile and wit are encouraged rather than outright combat - Yes, guns and other weapons are available, but ammunition for them is often scarce, forcing you to micromanage and in turn introducing another level of fear. 

"When will I get my next box of 9mm rounds? I best try and conserve in-order to survive"  Is something you will probably wonder when playing these games. Some games, *cough* Amnesia: The Dark Descent *cough* feature no weapons in-game and really up to the ante when you're backed off into a room with a single door, no other way out but said door that is currently getting knocked in by the crazy denizens of these games.

My list is comprised of games that I have played that I feel, really regret you playing them at stupid o'clock in the morning, in the dark, duvet thrown over your head.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

Short for "First Encounter Assault Recon", F.E.A.R: Project Origin, is the 2nd game in the franchise created by Monolith Productions, a Washington-based developer also known for creating such titles as, No One Lives Forever, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and the  Condemned games. 

Available on the PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, F.E.A.R puts you in the shoes of a man known as Michael Becket, who is a member of a secret, a covert branch of the US Military codenamed Dark Signal. Becket, along with his comrades are sent to arrest Genevieve Aristide, the director of Armacham Technology Corporation, a shady company responsible for a great number of bad things.

 Assuming you haven't played the first, the game feels like any other Shooter game where you will be fighting black ops soldiers who have been deployed by Genevieve,  but very quickly you'll notice that something isn't right. Lights start to flicker, the accompanying ambience track starts to change, glimpses of shadow people are caught in your peripheral view and did I mention the creepy little red-dressed girl? 

Her name is Alma, by the way, and you will be seeing a whole lot of her. 

The soldiers are exceptionally well done, and their AI is a testament to it. Often you will hear them shouting out to their comrades alerting them to your location and using crazy tactics like flanking manoeuvres to try and outwit you.

What makes this game scary? Well, there are two things that stand out. The first thing has to be the overall atmosphere and the ambience of the game. In my opinion, it's frightening when the music drops and you know something bad is coming your way. Secondly, Alma, there's something creepy about children when they are used in horror, everyone has a notion that children are harmless but in this genre, that is a foolish one; they are deceptive.  

Alma has two forms, the child and the naked adult version - both of them are creepy as hell and both of them are out to get you. Alma is a powerful Psionic, meaning she can use an array of abilities to manipulate her surroundings and can summon ghostly apparitions to further hinder your progress. No matter what you do, when you play this game you will get a fright!

You can buy F.E.A.R for the Xbox 360,  PC and PS3. Just to let you know, it's only £1.72 on the PC! 

Hairy Boy

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Why you should choose a refurbished phone

Here at Hairyboy I am a huge tech head and so I was slightly aghast reading the recent news that globally there is over 50 Million tonnes of e-waste created a year. Yes, you read that right, 50 million tonnes a year. And yes, just e-waste. 

You really don’t want to look into the data that discusses the forecast for the overall number of tonnes of all waste types we will generate by 2025.  It’s scary reading.Even more surprising is that Brits are the biggest generator of e-waste after Norway according to the Global E-waste Monitor report. 


So, how can we still remain tech heads and save the planet? Well, I have a solution my friends and that is, to choose refurbished phones instead of shiny new ones. 

Why? Here are my reasons below. 

Saving some pennies and saving the planet.

Buying a refurbished phone means that you can get the exact same device that you want for a massive cut to the price, we are talking hundreds of pounds here. In fact, refurbished phones aren’t just second hand phones, in fact many never properly got used - some people returned them after changing their mind after purchase or there was a minor fault on them like a cracked screen which once addressed, et voila! A top of the range phone but for a fraction of the price. Nice.

Who can turn down state of the art tech for less money? Not me, mate.

Sustainable and savvy? 

It doesn’t just end with purchasing a refurbished phone though, I mean we all have THAT tech drawer where we store all of our old devices (I can’t be alone in this, surely?) Well, it turns out that this drawer of shame may be full of potential pounds in your pocket. Many websites actually will buy any old phones that you don't use and either recycle them or refurbish to resell them. 

Basically, you’re being kind to the planet and your pocket.

Sites such as giffgaff not only sell refurbished phones but also offer opportunities to recycle them. They are pretty big on refurbished to be fair - they even have a dedicated Refurbished hubNow, if you want to do something extra kind to the planet and those on it, charities such as Little lives UK accept donations of old devices - has there ever been a bigger reason to check your drawers? 

I think not...

well, maybe… 😀

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to choose refurbished, and if so make sure to share your stories below and on our social channels.

Hairy Boy

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Resident Evil 3 | Open Beta

Another Resident Evil title has just opened for beta testing by Capcom. I caught wind of it the other day on Twitter and had no idea it was even in the works and what's more, it's a multiplayer game and comes packed with the Resident Evil 3 Remake out on the 3rd of April.

The game is a 1 vs 4 survivor/escape game where you and four other goons are put against the so "mastermind", whose goal is to stop you from escaping. The mastermind is another player who is able to view the progress of the survivors using security cameras littered around the map and place traps and creatures using a deck of cards that have nice, or not so nice, pictures denoting what they do. The cards range from, spawning zombies to weaponising the current camera you are looking through, isn't it nice to be able to shoot at an unsuspecting person, whilst they are trying to fend off a zombie that you placed just a moment before?

 The survivors, who you will most likely control 90% of the time because people will almost certainly want to play as the mastermind, have their own set of skills, ranging from healing to hacking. All of these skills can be used in some way to help you progress through the map.

With that out of the way, I can get to the story. The survivors are people infected by the T-virus and must find their way out of an escape room type facility, they aren't willing participants, obviously, and their role is to provide combat data for Umbrella, the bad pharmaceutical company throughout the franchise. The game is listed as non-canonical which, for purest like myself, is a bit shit, but whatever. All of the survivors are pre-named and have a bit of a back story that will tie them into the Resident Evil universe in some way, such as a park ranger who is good with firearms and a chemist with healing capabilities.

There are six-characters available to choose from. First, you have the damage-dealing characters. Samuel Jordon, an ex-boxer, is really good at punching and using his "dash punch" attack, he can hurl himself forward into the nearest enemy, damaging them with his fists. Becca Woolett, who has the ability to use her "bullet storm" attack that, for a brief time, gives her unlimited bullets. 

The support providing characters are Valerie Harmon, a chemist that has the ability to activate a passive healing effect, that will, over time heal her teammates; Martin Sandwich, human bait by the sounds of it with that name, or as Capcom intended, the engineer with the ability to create traps and finally, January Van Sant, the hacker, who can disable security cameras, making it harder for the mastermind to see that specific area. The tank character is Tyrone Henry, a fire officer who is able to use his "rally" ability, which increases the morale of his teammates in the way of decreasing damage taken by enemies.

The first thing I noticed when jumping to the game, aside from the decent graphics, was the controls, they feel weird, and take a bit getting used to with the keyboard and mouse, you might want to try a controller for this one. The controls were only an issue when playing as the survivors, the mastermind controls are very minimal, and to be honest, I had more fun playing as it. Other than the shitty controls, the game itself is pretty good and the voiceover from the mastermind is a creepy and sinister touch.

Throughout the game, you will collect "Umbrella Credits" that you can use to purchase weapon upgrades, healing items and repair kits and running against the in-game time limit (The timer goes up if you carry out a task that is deemed as a success) you will definitely need better gear.

I couldn't help but notice how much better this game would have been in the first person, like Resident Evil 7, or the option to change between the two, perhaps dedicated servers for each camera view?

As it is, this game is a good way to get your team style, zombie fix and as I will be purchasing the Resident Evil 3 remake, I will, no doubt, be playing this.


Hairy Boy

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