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Jelly Beans are rocking it this season with a few new launches and partnerships. The first up is the Warner Bros and DC Comics collaboration which looks awesome. The branding features Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman - which one is your favourite? 

Each of the DC collaborations features favourite flavours such as Berry blue, Cream soda, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Sour lemon and Wild blackberry - but - they're shimmery. What kid or adult isn't going to love that? And, prices start at £2.15 so are affordable for all DC fans. 

 And if DC isn't your thing, what about these yellow guys? You're either going to love or hate them. 
With the release of Despicable Me 3 its fair to say that the Minions are back. To celebrate this release Jelly Beans have teamed up with the little yellow dudes to launch some Minion inspired Jelly Beans. 

The sweeties are launching two unique flavoured pairs and also launching a Minion inspired Bean Boozled. Yes, really there is a cute Minion inspired grotty game. I can probably guess that one of the flavours is obvious and that you won't be shocked to hear they are launching ''Ba-na-na'' as one of those flavours.

Here's what other delightful and dreadful flavours you can expect from this game...

Sour apple | Ba-na-na | Peach | Juicy pear | Chocolate pudding | Banana smoothie | Buttered popcorn | Coconut | Tutti-Frutti |Berry blue.

Minion fart | Pencil shavings | Barf | Booger |Canned dog food |Dead fish | Rotten egg | Spoiled milk | Stinky socks |Toothpaste (although this one actually tastes decent). 
The Minion collaboration comes in the flip top box, grab & go, pouch bags, spinner gift boxes (ideal for Halloween or Christmas) and you'll find the jumbo gift boxes are launching late August.  

Which Jelly Beans collaboration would you pick? And, what flavour is your favourite? 

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