Part 3 | 3 Games that will scare the life out of you

Welcome to the third and final part of Games that will scare the life out of you! You can find the first post here and the second post here.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The last time we saw a first person Resident Evil game was back in 2000 with Resident Evil Survivor. The no-save, kill or be killed game where you had to survive until you finished the game or risk starting again was a refreshing change to the traditional camera angle the game had utilised in the past. It's been 17 years since Capcom were bold enough to take the risk - breaking with tradition and trying the first person view again, and I believe they have succeeded greatly.

You play as Ethan Winters who apparently lost his wife, Mia, in a babysitting job 3 years ago but after receiving a cryptic email from her, things start to get weird and he begins his journey to Dulvey, Louisiana where she is allegedly located. His final destination leads him to the Dulvey mansion, owned by the Bakers who coincidentally also went missing back in 2014, along with Mia.  The mansion is where the majority of the game takes place and where he discovers that both Mia and the Baker family are alive and well - or are they?

Without revealing too many spoilers, things start to go very bad for Ethan, very quickly. He encounters a possessed Mia, loses limbs but has them magically reattached and attends a "Hillbilly" tea-party where he is force fed offal by the Bakers. You will be seeing a lot of the Bakers and they hate you with a passion!

Jack, the dad, is the first one you will encounter early on in the game and he's a brutal, hard-to-kill son of a bitch, often jumping out at you when you least expect it creating a very "edge of seat" atmosphere when you are traversing the mansion.  His wife, Marguerite is arguably one of the most grotesque and frightening beings I have ever come across in a game and she can turn into a crazy looking, daddy-longlegged freak. I caught her in a glitch in the video below which makes her even more creepy!

The son is called Lucas. A childish but also a very clever individual who has a penchant for puzzles, in the game he uses his inventive mind to make your life a misery while you progress through the game. 

The game utilises the in-your-face aspect of the first person view very well, and he is fully compatible with PlayStation with a VR headsets. If you do own one of these then you are in for a treat as the game will come to life sucking you in - can you handle that? 

In conclusion - Resident Evil 7 is an excellent addition to the franchise and definitely one of the scariest ones! You can pick up Resident Evil 7 here for the PS4/PSVRXBox One and PC

You can check out the trailer here before you go purchase: 

Did you check out part one and part two? If not click the links and tell me what you're thoughts are on those games. 

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