Rekorderlig's New Winter Offering | Spiced Plum Cider

As I write this I'm sampling Rekoderlig's seasonal Spiced Plum cider, which can be enjoyed both warm or cold. I'm drinking mine cold as that's how I prefer it, besides I heard it's more potent when heated up (That might just be an old fishwives tale!).

I'm no stranger to the Swedish brand of cider known as Rekorderlig. I especially like the "Premium Peach-Apricot" flavour; which is full of flavour and is a nice change from some of the usual "safe" flavours that most brands tend to feature.

Rekoderlig's usual seasonal flavour is "Apple-Cinnamon-Vanilla" but, although I haven't tried it, I've heard some good things about it and that it really encapsulates the winter vibes. 
This year, they have opted for a change in flavour and with the use of plums, cherries and a blend spices, including cinnamon and cloves and, they pull it off the "Taste of winter" wonderfully. 

Upon tasting you are instantly hit with a sweet plum note that is given depth with the clove and cinnamon additions this quickly transforms into a strong cherry taste, that is brightened with a sour sherbet zing that lasts until your next drink. 

It's definitely sweeter instantly because it's made with a pear cider, rather than an apple cider base. The pear cider holds the notes well, unlike apple which would overwhelm the delicate notes. The lasting cherry taste is not unlike the "Happy cherry" sweets from Haribo.

It's a limited edition, so grab it when you can as it will likely disappear from the shops by New Year!

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