The Kraken rum annual Limited Edition bottle is here!

The Kraken, one of my favourite brands of Rum, have unveiled their 2017 version of the annual Wade Ceramics sea monster-inspired 70cl bottle design. 

The Victorian-style demijohn style bottle is embossed with raised Kraken tentacles that encircle the entirety of the package,  showing that this Kraken doesn't want to let go of this precious booty. Paying homage to the Limited Edition bottle of 2015, which was coated with a white ceramic glaze, the 2017 bottle is also white, however, the Kraken has put up more of a fight this year and has stained the bottle with its demonic black ink - which clearly shows that this really is a prized bottle of rum!

If you are familiar with the taste of the standard Kraken, then rest assured, it has the same great taste you know and love. However, if you are new to the Kraken brand then you are in for a treat!

  Appearance: Dark burgundy colour.
  Aroma: Coffee and Vanilla.
  The Taste: Sweet, with notes of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon - doesn't taste like strong alcohol.

It can be enjoyed both with or without a mixer (I like it with Coke!) and doesn't disappoint either way.

Last year I nearly missed the Limited Edition bottle, but this year I have quickly snatched it up because I didn't want to miss out! If you would like to purchase your own Limited Edition 70cl The Kraken Rum, you can do so here, but be quick! 

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