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It's nearly ''Yule'' time and with ''that season'' (See I'm trying to be very p.c about impending festivities) comes food, food glorious food in abundance. Every year its tradition to buy plenty of boxes of sweet, a ton of groceries because of lo-and-behold that the supermarkets are closed for 24 hours and, roasts with all of the trimmings. There's plenty of trifles and alcohol - enough to sink a ship but, with all of that traditional food there's one food product that has been changing over the years and that is the humble advent calendar. 

As a kid, I would get excited about my daily chocolate - probably too excited in all honesty. The excitement came from opening that door which meant we were one step closer to the jolly fat man arriving and, I liked to think I was a bit of a rule breaker, I mean chocolate in the morning, what's not to love? 

I will admit I was one of those kids who secretly opened the back and gulped down the whole month of chocolates hoping my mum and dad wouldn't find out but then who can honestly say they never did that? 

Now we're into 2017 and I am a parent myself. Advents are no longer the 99p daily chocolate fest that they used to be. 

You can now buy advents for all sorts of preferences and all budgets. Some reaching upwards to £100! In my opinion, that's excessive but I suppose if that's what makes someone happy then so be it. 

I recently heard about ASDA being the first supermarket to launch a cheddar advent! A month of cheesiness to go along with the cheesy Christmas music. And, in all honesty, I am conflicted - is it a good thing or a bad thing? Will this go off? Can you actually hang it on your wall, I initially had a tonne of questions. Some of which were eventually answered and I've covered below. 

The designer and creator of sorts was Annem Hobson from So Wrong It's Nom blog wanted a cheesy advent and so it seems that everyone else on Facebook did too as they all supported her dream and ASDA made it come true - I'm sure Disney should pick up this magical storyline. 

Annem was quoted as saying: 

For years, chocolate has dominated key retail periods, and as a huge lover of cheese, I want to turn this on its head. After launching my #CheeseNotChoc campaign, the reaction from cheese lovers around the world has been phenomenal. I’m thrilled that Norseland have helped my dream product come alive and I’m overwhelmed by the support people have shown me. Asda is a brilliant retailer with a big team of cheese experts helping make this idea a success. To everyone who campaigned – I hope I’ve made you proud.

What I have grown to appreciate is that not everyone has a sweet tooth, I myself am more of a savoury type of guy and while I'm no cheese aficionado it seems this advent has quite a good offering. 
Launching on November 9th into nationwide ASDA stores, the advent will come in a book style packaging so that you can refrigerate one half (12 days) and use the other the advent will include the following: 

· Jarlsberg® – Famous around the world for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste. Smooth, distinctive and rounded, it has a hint of sweetness and a unique flavour.
· Applewood® – A real English treasure. Applewood® is made from West Country cheddar with a delicate smoky flavour and a lovely smooth texture, all finished with a dusting of paprika for good measure.
· Ilchester® Mature Cheddar – Ilchester’s Cheddar comes from the West Country near where Cheddar originated in the Mendip Hills. Take a bite and let the creaminess melt into your mouth, with earthy tangy notes.
· Ilchester® Red Leicester Cheese – Smooth and Nutty! Add a splash of colour to your cheese board with this traditional English cheese based on a classic Cheddar recipe.
· Ilchester® Wensleydale with cranberries – Traditionally made with a smooth and creamy gold award winning Wensleydale. It is creamy and smooth and perfectly paired with juicy sweet festive cranberries. 
Each calendar contains 24 pieces (obvious I know but with the changes to advent calendars these days it could have been less) and will come in at a more purse friendly £8. And, just to let you know this advent is suitable for vegetarians! 
Well done and congratulations Annem on your unique creation and well done to ASDA for initiating her on her ideas and bringing them to life. 

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