Kopparberg | Secretly Launched a New Flavour?

During our weekly shop, after trailing through the numerous "home" aisles, we happened across the Alcohol section. Usually, we'd pick up a few bottles of Rekorderlig and Kopparberg and then be on our merry way, however, this time, something caught my eye. 

On one of the lower shelves, nestled between the Strawberry and Lime and Raspberry flavours, I saw a flavour I hadn't seen before. Kopparbergs "Sweet Apple" was staring back at me just begging to be picked up so naturally, I chucked a couple of them into the trolley.

I've tried the "Naked Apple" flavour variety, and although I didn't find it to my liking (as it's not as sweet as the other flavours and tastes very much like traditional naked cider), the new Sweet version is a breath of fresh air and what you would expect to come from this iconic cider brand. 

I hear it time and time again that the masses either love or hate Kopparberg, the argument is that you have cider puritans who love a good basic cider, naturally sweet or dry - sometimes somewhere in the middle. And, you have the lovers of the brand who cannot get enough of the sugary sweetness that almost tastes like juice rather than alcohol. I tend to sit somewhere on the fence. I love the brand that doesn't mean I love everything they've launched. The Pear flavour for one example, I hate it. It tastes far too synthetic and far too sweet. 

Naked Apple sits in the midway. Too dry for my palate - it was just missing that sugar hit. And that's where Sweet Apple comes in to save the day. Also, if you were around last year you'll note they launched their limited edition Apple and Spice festive cider. Again that was a real winner, sweet, dry and spicy. I honestly wish they had re-launched that flavour.  

The new Sweet Apple flavour comes in the standard 500ml bottles and features a nice shiny red apple adorned with green leaves, which I like to think is a reference to the types of apples used when making this sweet smooth cider. You see, the taste is a dry red apple cider base with a sweet green apple note that marries well together within the bottle. If you loved the Apple and Spice flavour, this is the same, minus the spice. 

But, here's the thing. I've checked everywhere - both on and offline and I cannot find this ''Sweet Apple'' flavour anywhere? There's normal Apple flavour in New Zealand and Australia but nothing about this one, not on the Kopparberg website, nothing within press releases and nothing on and around the web or via other bloggers. So is this a secret flavour? 

I found this at my local Asda, who sell it at £1.50 a bottle so if you fancy trying this 4.5%, very sweet version of the apple variety, then check it out!

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