Cut Rum | Three New Rums Recently Launched

The Cut Rum range has recently launched three new rums that are equally as unique and exciting to the rum drinker out there! 

Produced in Jamaica at the Worthy Park distillery by a team from the UK. It's intriguing because there aren't really any unique brands that are specifically created using a UK team - or at least, none that I know of. I've yet to try anything from this brand but the variations intrigued me enough to want to share this with you guys. 

The most popular (according to the brand) is the Smoked Rum. The Spiced Rum is the longest standing and the Overproof is the newest addition. 

Spiced Rum - ABV 37.5%. The taste is described as a dry spice with a long peppery finish. Notes include vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, pepper, coriander seed, nutmeg and aniseed. All ingredients have been blended with Jamaican (80%) and Trinidadian rums (20%)

Smoked Rum - ABV 40%. The taste is, of course, smokey oak chips that add a deep smokiness to the rum. Notes include oak chips (smoke), coffee beans, nicotine-free tobacco extract. All ingredients have been blended with three-year-old Jamaican rum. 

Overproof Rum - ABV 75.5% (151 proof). This is basically the same as the spiced rum above but with greater alcohol content. The notes are blended with Jamaican (60%) and Trinidadian (40%) rums. 

The overall idea of this company is that they want to promote rum for what it is, simple - strong - no-nonsense rum. They don't want to rely on gimmicks, false advertising, false flavours, nasty ingredients etc. I like that they taking the no-nonsense route and I suppose only tasting will confirm whether they achieve what they set out to. 

Leave it to me! I will get on the case - I'm intrigued more so by their Smoked Rum. I'm a huge fan of all spiced rums (except Captain Morgan which gives me migraines) but have yet to try 'Smoked' - Master of Malt do sell all three of the variations. 

What do you think of each of these? Is there one that stands out from the others for you? 

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