Buko Hot Sauce | Inspired By The Philippines

Three new hot sauces are being launched into the UK which aims to bring a taste of the tropics to your dinner plate. However, they're based on recipes from the Philippines - don't get me wrong I love what they aim to do, with the whole imaginative world play but, the Philippines isn't the ''tropics'' 

That aside, I am intrigued by the fact that they are based on Filpino recipes. As you may know, my son is half Filipino and the Philippines is a country that has had a major influence on my eating tastes. 

The three hot sauces are made by Buko Foods which are a Philippine-based company who specialise in coconut inspired food additions such as coconut water, coconut jams and coconut-based sauces. These sauces, in particular, are the newest additions. 

Each sauce comes in a 150ml bottle and comprises of either a regular option, tangy option or fiery option. Each of the sauces is created with a base of eight-month fermented coconut sap to give each bottle an additional nutritional boost as well as developing the flavours further with a hint of tang and sweetness. 

You can pick these up over on Amazon just now and I guess they will pop up more in supermarkets as the year goes on. I've yet to try them but, I eat the hot sauce with everything so absolutely will be trying them out - especially the fiery option. 

What are you're thoughts on using fermented coconut in sauces? especially hot sauces? 

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