Games That Will Scare You | Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my 3 part series of 'games that will scare the life out of you!' If you missed the first post you can find it here 'Games That Will Scare You, Part 1'.

Alien: Isolation

I was late to the scene when it came to watching the Alien movies, however, they still left their mark on me. The fact that they were on old VHS tapes, making them crackly and jumpy at bits (in turn causing voices/sounds to be grossly distorted), didn't help with the fear factor. The fright created by this series was something that introduced me to the genre and, funnily enough, made me want more!

Alien: Isolation was created by Creative Assembly, a British game developer based in West Sussex a company that started life porting games to DOS from the Amiga and ZX Spectrum, and they have really succeeded in encapsulation the dread and impending doom conveyed in the movies.

Where other games featuring the "Alien" title have tried before and failed miserably Alien: Isolation really does redeem the piss-poor gameplay of the other titles.  Alien: Colonial Marines, for instance, makes you feel that you are never in any real danger and the game itself isn't really all that scary. Fear is a component that you must have present in these type of games and Creative Assembly has shown that they understand this through the utilization of scary atmospheres and awesome ambience scores.

You play as Amanda Ripley who is the daughter of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver's character from the movies) who goes missing at end of the actual movie. Amanda receives information regarding her mother's disappearance and is en-route to Sevastapol Station to find out the fate of her long-lost mother.

Sevastapol is the derelict space station where 2 months prior to your arrival an incidence had taken place that caused the majority of the inhabitants to be wiped out. Home to survivors, crazy android men and of course the main villain, the Alien, Sevastapol is where the game takes place and the playpen for the Alien of which ''you'' are the main attraction.

Being smart and aware is a huge part of the game and you must use your wits to progress throughout the levels and the adage "You can run but you can't hide" is emphasised greatly. Sure, you can hide under a that conveniently placed desk or cupboard when an enemy is nearby, but don't linger too long or they might just pull you out of your temporary hide-out. This was something that caught me off guard when I played it, as in truth, AI in most stealthy games are never really programmed to do that, often giving them a more human-like aspect and preying on your already high strung nerves!

In conclusion, I think that this game really brought a lot to the genre and will definitely be one of the ones I will revisit in the future.

You can see the official trailer here:

You can purchase the game here for the PC (Steam code)Xbox One and the PS4.

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