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Another Resident Evil title has just opened for beta testing by Capcom. I caught wind of it the other day on Twitter and had no idea it was even in the works and what's more, it's a multiplayer game and comes packed with the Resident Evil 3 Remake out on the 3rd of April.

The game is a 1 vs 4 survivor/escape game where you and four other goons are put against the so "mastermind", whose goal is to stop you from escaping. The mastermind is another player who is able to view the progress of the survivors using security cameras littered around the map and place traps and creatures using a deck of cards that have nice, or not so nice, pictures denoting what they do. The cards range from, spawning zombies to weaponising the current camera you are looking through, isn't it nice to be able to shoot at an unsuspecting person, whilst they are trying to fend off a zombie that you placed just a moment before?

 The survivors, who you will most likely control 90% of the time because people will almost certainly want to play as the mastermind, have their own set of skills, ranging from healing to hacking. All of these skills can be used in some way to help you progress through the map.

With that out of the way, I can get to the story. The survivors are people infected by the T-virus and must find their way out of an escape room type facility, they aren't willing participants, obviously, and their role is to provide combat data for Umbrella, the bad pharmaceutical company throughout the franchise. The game is listed as non-canonical which, for purest like myself, is a bit shit, but whatever. All of the survivors are pre-named and have a bit of a back story that will tie them into the Resident Evil universe in some way, such as a park ranger who is good with firearms and a chemist with healing capabilities.

There are six-characters available to choose from. First, you have the damage-dealing characters. Samuel Jordon, an ex-boxer, is really good at punching and using his "dash punch" attack, he can hurl himself forward into the nearest enemy, damaging them with his fists. Becca Woolett, who has the ability to use her "bullet storm" attack that, for a brief time, gives her unlimited bullets. 

The support providing characters are Valerie Harmon, a chemist that has the ability to activate a passive healing effect, that will, over time heal her teammates; Martin Sandwich, human bait by the sounds of it with that name, or as Capcom intended, the engineer with the ability to create traps and finally, January Van Sant, the hacker, who can disable security cameras, making it harder for the mastermind to see that specific area. The tank character is Tyrone Henry, a fire officer who is able to use his "rally" ability, which increases the morale of his teammates in the way of decreasing damage taken by enemies.

The first thing I noticed when jumping to the game, aside from the decent graphics, was the controls, they feel weird, and take a bit getting used to with the keyboard and mouse, you might want to try a controller for this one. The controls were only an issue when playing as the survivors, the mastermind controls are very minimal, and to be honest, I had more fun playing as it. Other than the shitty controls, the game itself is pretty good and the voiceover from the mastermind is a creepy and sinister touch.

Throughout the game, you will collect "Umbrella Credits" that you can use to purchase weapon upgrades, healing items and repair kits and running against the in-game time limit (The timer goes up if you carry out a task that is deemed as a success) you will definitely need better gear.

I couldn't help but notice how much better this game would have been in the first person, like Resident Evil 7, or the option to change between the two, perhaps dedicated servers for each camera view?

As it is, this game is a good way to get your team style, zombie fix and as I will be purchasing the Resident Evil 3 remake, I will, no doubt, be playing this.


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