Food | Spanish Week at Lidl, Was It Any Good?

We needed to pick up a few bits and bobs from Lidl today, which was literally a tube of toothpaste and some salt. However, as always, when we got there we were enticed by what was on offer this week; it is Spanish week!
When it comes to food I tend to be adventurous and try as much as I can, so dinner for the next couple of nights was secured! 

So what did I pick up? 

Vino de Licor Moscatel - This is a fortified wine that I find tastes like Buckfast with a hint of apricot. It's not bad and will appeal more to wine drinkers. Price £5.99

Lemonade - I really liked this, it tastes like zesty lemonade without chemical taste. This is because it has more natural additives like wood rosins and safflower extract. Some of the bigger brands such as Barr and Schweppes, which use flavourings and very little natural to no actual lemon juice (Barr contains none, whereas Schweppes has 2%), pale in comparison. Price 39p each or 4 for £1. 

Peppers stuffed with veal and pork meat (Pimientos Rellenos de Carne) - This may appeal to many other people but it wasn't to my liking.  After cooking it for 2 minutes in the microwave, I felt that it just fell apart and didn't look too appetising (The sauce was gloopy and a weird consistency). I didn't enjoy the taste or texture either.  Price - £1.29

Pork skewers -  Come in two flavours, Curry and herbs. I preferred the herbs ones over the curry variety but both of them were really nice. They only take a minute in the microwave so they are great for a quick snack or as part of a meal.  Price - 99p each

• The Spanish Tapas bowls above were excellent! They come in Prawn and Squid variants. Both of them are presented in terracotta tapas bowls, which are great to save for other dishes.

The prawn variant is marinated with garlic and features lots of diced Mediterranean vegetables and olive oil. The squid one is marinated in a "Mediterranean style sauce" with diced vegetables. Price £3.49 each, although you get 2 bowls in each package.

I really like these themed events that Lidl hold, as it opens new options for enjoying continental foods at low prices. The next theme is a DIY theme so I will be interested in checking that out, although the woman might want me to do some DIY around the house!

What are your thoughts on these events? Do you follow them and shop at Lidl?

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