Zclassic - Why I'm holding it

What the heck is Zclassic? 

Zclassic, or Zlc, is an implementation on the Zcash blockchain. Zcash, for the record, is an enhanced privacy coin with the user in mind and often considered as a replacement for the top dog, Bitcoin. 

How is it different from Zcash? 

One major issue with the Zcash is that there is a 20% fee on miners rewards which is sent directly to the Zcash developer fund. Zclassic removes this and has the miners in mind (i.e. me 😉 ) when it comes to rewarding transaction verifications. 

So, why am I holding it? 

Other than the reasons already covered above there is another, very enticing selling point for owning this coin. On February the 28th, a snapshot of the ledger will occur, and anyone holding Zclassic before this happens will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin Private (Btcp) to the amount of Zclassic they have. This also extends to holders of Bitcoin, so any Bitcoin you own you will receive some Btcp. The ratio is, as stated above,  1:1 so the logical option, if you want to acquire some Btcp, is to buy some Zclassic. 

Where can I get Zclassic?

The best place to buy this coin is via an exchange. Bittrex, Cryptopia, and Coinexchance.io all hold Zclassic so you can purchase them on these sites. The price, as of the writing of this post, is $97.55 per coin which, compared to the price of Bitcoin at $8,496.93, is a steal if you want some Bitcoin Private. 

Are you holding Zclassic? If so, are you excited for the Btcp fork?

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