Cryptocurrency | My Top Three Wish List

I've been aware of cryptocurrency since Bitcoin was in its infancy, and like many others, regret not spending a measly £200 ($269.37 as of right now) on 4000 coins. We all have these stories, but hindsight is a bitch.
I'm particularly interested in the following three coins/tokens:

Oyster PearlThis one proposes a solution to Ads (which everyone hates) with the use of a line of code. 
"Website visitors contribute a small portion of their CPU and GPU power to enable users' files to be stored on a decentralized and anonymous ledger. In return, the website owners get paid indirectly by the storage users and website visitors can enjoy an ad-free browsing experience."
• Current Rank: 226
• Circulating Supply: 77,966,926 PRL
 Total Supply: 98,592,692 PRL
Oyster Pearl Website
IPSXThis one is all about decentralized IP sharing, where you can rent someone else's IP address.

"As an end user, you will be able to install an application on your device and share your device's IP in a couple of seconds on the IP Sharing Exchange platform or rent an already existing IP from IPSX platform. As a data centre, you will be able to share a full range of unused IPs on the IPSX platform. The IPSX ecosystem will be structured on three major layers: blockchain layer, front layer and VPN connection layer. Each of these layers will be described in a very detailed level on the design documents."
• Current Rank: 565
• Circulating Supply: 802,404,382 IPSX 
• Total Supply: 1,714,102,659 IPSX
 IPSX Website
EXRN | EXRNchain is a protocol and network for cross-chain value and data transfer between distributed ledgers (blockchains).

• Current Rank: 624
• Circulating Supply: 92,500,000,000 EXRN
• Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 EXRN
What are you holding? Do you have any other good suggestions for coins to hold?

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