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It's been a little while since I last posted about this series and, truth be told, it's because I'm busy doing sweet sod all (Mainly watching "shit youtube" as Elyse would put it) With the excuses out of the way, I'll get straight into the post. If you haven't caught the first part of this series,  you can read it here Working Through My Steam Game Library | Thoughts.

Blackwake by Mastfire Studios Pty Ltd

Cost: £1.43 - Usually £7.19

This game is a huge first-person, Pirates vs Royal Navy, ship vs ship game, that focuses heavily on teamwork. You take the role of either a pirate or a royal navy person whose purpose is to take down other ships of the opposite faction. To do this, you have to work together with the rest of your crew and following your captain's orders, or not, you will hopefully be able to accomplish this. Captains can be voted into the position by the crew and if they aren't all that great, a vote to mutiny can be cast. You will mostly find yourself loading the cannons with gunpowder, repairing holes in the ship's sails and pumping water out of the main body of the ship. If a member of your team slacks off, however, you will quickly find that your ship will end up at the bottom of the ocean. 

There are currently three game modes, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Booty and Siege. Team Deathmatch is the standard game mode where you have to destroy the enemies ships and deplete their tickets (The ticket system is basically the number of lives they have left). Capture the Booty is essentially capture the flag, but you have to capture a chest of gold and haul it off to your ship. 

As well as having the ship's cannons, you also have some 3 different types of weapons you can select from. The first one is your main weapon, which could be one of the following: Blunderbuss, Standard musket, Nockgun and Hand Mortar. The second is your "side arm" which could be a Pistol, Duckfoot (this is an abomination!), Annley Revolver, short Pistol and the Matchlock revolver.  The third type is your melee weapon, where you can select from the Two-handed Axe, a broken Bottle, Cutlass, Dagger, Pike or Rapier. All of these weapons have their different attributes to take into consideration when picking them, such as loading time, range and overall damage. You can also recover your health using a bottle of rum or a cup of tea! It's funny when your ship is getting blasted to pieces and you spot one of your crew stopping from a cup of tea, mid-battle!

This game is actually really fun, despite it sounding like complete and utter monotony, it's cool to see your crew working together to defeat other ships. I really love the concept and seeing that it was only £1.43 when I bought it (I would definitely have paid the full price), I had to snatch it up. 


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