Why you should choose a refurbished phone

Here at Hairyboy I am a huge tech head and so I was slightly aghast reading the recent news that globally there is over 50 Million tonnes of e-waste created a year. Yes, you read that right, 50 million tonnes a year. And yes, just e-waste. 

You really don’t want to look into the data that discusses the forecast for the overall number of tonnes of all waste types we will generate by 2025.  It’s scary reading.Even more surprising is that Brits are the biggest generator of e-waste after Norway according to the Global E-waste Monitor report. 


So, how can we still remain tech heads and save the planet? Well, I have a solution my friends and that is, to choose refurbished phones instead of shiny new ones. 

Why? Here are my reasons below. 

Saving some pennies and saving the planet.

Buying a refurbished phone means that you can get the exact same device that you want for a massive cut to the price, we are talking hundreds of pounds here. In fact, refurbished phones aren’t just second hand phones, in fact many never properly got used - some people returned them after changing their mind after purchase or there was a minor fault on them like a cracked screen which once addressed, et voila! A top of the range phone but for a fraction of the price. Nice.

Who can turn down state of the art tech for less money? Not me, mate.

Sustainable and savvy? 

It doesn’t just end with purchasing a refurbished phone though, I mean we all have THAT tech drawer where we store all of our old devices (I can’t be alone in this, surely?) Well, it turns out that this drawer of shame may be full of potential pounds in your pocket. Many websites actually will buy any old phones that you don't use and either recycle them or refurbish to resell them. 

Basically, you’re being kind to the planet and your pocket.

Sites such as giffgaff not only sell refurbished phones but also offer opportunities to recycle them. They are pretty big on refurbished to be fair - they even have a dedicated Refurbished hubNow, if you want to do something extra kind to the planet and those on it, charities such as Little lives UK accept donations of old devices - has there ever been a bigger reason to check your drawers? 

I think not...

well, maybe… 😀

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to choose refurbished, and if so make sure to share your stories below and on our social channels.

Hairy Boy

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